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We design, manufacture and sell modular platforms, stages, tiered staging and a wide range of accessories and adaptors to cover the needs for a large variety of applications.

In GUIL we specialise in:

  • Manufacturing heavy-duty modular platforms (models TM440, TM440XL, TM441 and TM442XL): stage decks that can be used for temporary stages, marquee flooring, events, concerts etc. for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Manufacturing platforms for temporary grand stands and tiered seating (TM440 & TM440XL): modular decks that give you options for any tiered stage configuration; for tiered seating where people sit directly on the platform or to us them with chairs. All these options are compatible for exterior use.
  • Manufacturing decks with a quick and easy set-up where a lightweight model is sufficient (TM440S) perfect to be used for: conferences, a platform to put speakers on, decorative purposes or product displays, office desks etc.
  • Manufacturing Choral Risers (TM440 & GR): offer choirs multiple design options (straight, curved, winged, horseshoe arrangement, etc.), they have a quick and easy set-up and both these models can be used outdoors.
  • Manufacturing platforms for gyms, spinning classes or sports/exercise demonstrations (TM440XL).
  • Manufacturing podiums for go-go dancers, flamenco dancers, break dancers etc. (TM440 & TM440XL).
  • Manufacturing DJ tables (TM440S & TM440), ideal for DJs to put their mixing consoles / decks on.
  • Manufacturing special platforms for exhibitions (TM440-AE & TM440-AL) with all aluminium finish, any product you want to display will stand out (motorbikes, cars, bicycles etc.).
  • Manufacturing transparent platforms (MCT440S-M) for added effects they allow you to put lighting below stages or tiered stages.
  • GUIL is committed to quality in the development of each project and the continual search for excellence in every stage model and accessory we make.

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